I'd love to work on a project with you! Whether it be creating a website, developing an app, or just creating something for fun, all you have to do is reach out :)



Aire generates personalized resumes & cover letters based on job description.

Spring 2024


Won Education Track @ HackGT X. Calendo is a gamified todolist built for school systems.

Fall 2023

Caffeine 2.0

Developed a website that prevents you from falling asleep while at your computer. Plays nasty sounds each time you blink!

Summer 2023


Airvata MFT UI

Allows users to list storages and browse files inside each MFT storage.

Spring 2024


Focale is a chrome extension designed to help students time and pace their studies efficiently. 1000+ active users.

Summer 2021


Meke is an app designed to help students in elementary school learn math in a fun and engaging way.

Summer 2020


Discord Word Bot

Word bot is a bot that can define words, search google, draw ascii art, and make funny insults!

Winter 2021


Helped develop the serverless version of CounselorBot, a GitHub bot that autonomously guides students through GitHub learning repositories.

Summer 2021

Covid-19 Tracker

Program that texts recipients about the daily number of cases, deaths, death rate, and increase in cases from the day before.

Summer 2020


Text Summarization using Python

Developed and filmed a workshop for students with no prior programming experience as a gentle intro to NLP.

Fall 2022

Tuning Your Instrument with Machine Learning

Created a 45 min workshop for middle school students on how to tune their instruments using machine learning.

Fall 2022

AWS Lambda Workshop

Created an AWS workshop that was presented at the 2021 Serverless Days Student Edition conference. The workshop was designed to teach students how to use AWS Lambda.

Summer 2021



Built ClimateSafe, an autonomous air-quality sensing unit that uses a Heltec ESP32 microcontroller.

Summer 2022

Augmented Hashmap

Created a Hashmap in C that is able to store any data type and uses an AVL tree for each "bucket".

Winter 2021

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