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How To Create a Discord Bot 🤖

Want to code a discord bot? Learn how to develop one here!

2022-01-099 min read

Creating a "Hello World" Website 👋

Learn how to create a website and deploy it!

2022-01-054 min read

Learning a New Programming Language from Scratch 📝

Learning a new programming language can be daunting, but getting the motivation to start is half the battle.

2021-12-265 min read

How to pick a programming language? 🌐

With over 700 programming languages in the world, choosing one to learn can be daunting.

2021-12-265 min read

What is Programming? Why Should You Learn It? 💻

Programming is the future of the world, so what is it?

2021-12-254 min read

How To Learn Web Development 🖥️

Interested in creating websites? Here is how I learned!

2021-01-053 min read

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